On November 7th Andreas Ebbert-Karroum, John Wilmes and myself will be presenting a session titled "Converge your Order Management" at the TelemanagementWorld conference in Dallas. The theme for this conference is "Managing Operations for Converging Services" so with our presentation we're hitting the nail on the head. In our presentation we'll explain why using the Order Management API eases order management in a converging world (and we'll also briefly touch on the SOA buzzword). After doing the presentation with Andreas and John in Nice at Telemanagement World earlier this year I'm really looking forward to Dallas. It was a lot of fun in Nice and I'm sure it will be a lot of fun in Dallas again. There will definitely be surprises again with regards to people using the Order Management API without us knowing about it (especially now that we passed the JCP ballot and will publish the 1.0 version shortly).