.... if it happens this year.

As I posted a while ago, completing the "Elfstedentocht" is one of my dreams. There were basically 3 challenges left to do that and today, one of these challenges was solved: I was a winner in the yearly draw that determines who is allowed to start. Yes!! 1 down, 2 to go:

  1. As described, we need a real winter with some serious freezing. It's been already 10 years since the last one, so let's keep our fingers crossed
  2. I need to practice and be in shape on time. This is actually the only point I can really influence myself and I'll increase the effort a bit. Luckily I joined  the local speed skating club last year, so there is definitely a basis ;-) Next month a 5KM outdoor artificial ice track will be opened and it's probably best if I do some training there ;-)

  1. I did not run into a Starbucks for 48 hours after arrival (and the hotel and TeleManagement World conference takes place in the business district, you would expect that Starbucks is part of the infrastructure of such an area)
  2. I have yet to see the first iPhone in the wild in the US

I'm flying to Telemanagement World conference in Dallas today and will do a presentation together with Andreas there on Wednesday. Since the tagline for the conference is about convergence we will link convergence to Order Management and explain why the Order Management API can help you converging your order management.

Looks like I'll have some free time on Sunday to explore Dallas. I'll probably visit the JFK museum, but the rest is still pretty open. Any suggestions on must sees in Dallas?