1. I did not run into a Starbucks for 48 hours after arrival (and the hotel and TeleManagement World conference takes place in the business district, you would expect that Starbucks is part of the infrastructure of such an area)
  2. I have yet to see the first iPhone in the wild in the US


  1. Gero said...

    At least you can play with one in the Apple store now, after we managed to walk to the mall from the DART train station without getting run over by a car :)
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  2. Gero said...

    my name is kluyt, could you please give me onno's mail address for I come to new york in december. I wrote to him on "//onno@onno.com" which seems to be an error. it was returned twice.
    thank you for answering "mc.derosamel@neuf.fr"
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