.... if it happens this year.

As I posted a while ago, completing the "Elfstedentocht" is one of my dreams. There were basically 3 challenges left to do that and today, one of these challenges was solved: I was a winner in the yearly draw that determines who is allowed to start. Yes!! 1 down, 2 to go:

  1. As described, we need a real winter with some serious freezing. It's been already 10 years since the last one, so let's keep our fingers crossed
  2. I need to practice and be in shape on time. This is actually the only point I can really influence myself and I'll increase the effort a bit. Luckily I joined  the local speed skating club last year, so there is definitely a basis ;-) Next month a 5KM outdoor artificial ice track will be opened and it's probably best if I do some training there ;-)


  1. Gero said...

    Hi Gero,
    remembering the discussion we had about it, I know how dearly you would like to participate in that event. I have no idea if it's too late already, but I sincerly hope that it's freezing like never before.

    My best wishes!
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