Last month the OSS/J Discovery API (JSR254) passed the final JCP approval. Just like the Order Management and Fault Management APIs, the TCK for the Discovery API is based on the OSS/J TCK Foundation. As explained here the OSS/J TCK Foundation makes the life of OSS/J TCK developers a lot easier and helps them to create better quality TCKs for their APIs.

The nice point about this particular TCK is that the Discovery TCK team was able to develop the Discovery TCK without me supporting them. I accidentally discovered that they released the TCK and that it used the OSS/J TCK Foundation and was pleasantly surprised. I hope it's a sign a maturity that teams are able to use the TCK Foundation without asking me for support once :-)

A while ago I described a nice way to integrate Google maps in the JAlbum Chameleon skin. One of the readers of that blog entry tried it on JAlbum version 7.4.1 and too my surprise it did not work. It appeared that the way I was retrieving the two extra variables from the JAlbum album project file was not forward compatible with version 7.4.1 (I developed it using JAlbum 7.3). With some help in the Chameleon skin forum I've now fixed it.

To use it you can still follow the description in the original post, but use the following two files:

Also the names of the variables in the JAlbum project file have been renamed:
# The root where the webalbum will be hosted
# The location of the HTML page that displays the map and
# has the Google Maps code in it
# This location is bound to the Google Maps API key.