TMW Nice

TMW Nice 2007 is history, time for a quick flashback. Just as at JavaOne Andreas and myself did a presentation on the Order Management API (JSR264) and it's fit for use in an SOA. This time we were joined by John Wilmes, CEO of Ceon Corporation. It is really a pleasure to work with them and doing a presentation with a 2 or 3 people is more fun than doing it alone. Compared to the JavaOne presentation we weaved the two main subjects of the presentation such that Andreas and I would hand over to each other every couple of slides. That worked really well and in my opinion it made the presentation more dynamic. On the Xebia blog I posted a two part summary of the presentation (part1, part2).

At TMW Nice lunches are a bit more structured compare to JavaOne. Just as at JavaOne you join a queue, but at TMW you're directed to your seat and lunch is being served on the table. No take-away lunches. A nice side effect of this is that you spent 30 minutes with people you've never met before and while eating you discuss the conference, your work, etc. One day I was seated next to someone from a Danish operator that was using the 0.8 version of the Order Management API. Now that was really cool, the API is not even 1.0 yet and it is already being used. I wish we knew who else is using it..., so if you do, drop us a line on the jsr264 comments list.

Just as with JavaOne I ran into a number of former colleagues, co-workers and customers. Always nice to catch up with them, on one of the evening beach parties for example ;-)

During the keynote Nicholas Negroponte explained the vision of the One Laptop Per Child organization. They're not only doing really good work to enable children in underdeveloped countries to get education, but as part of this developed a $100 laptop. I was impressed, check it out at

Call for papers for TMW Dallas is already closed and again we submitted a proposal...


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