This week the OSS/J TCK Foundation 1.0 is released. This open source project provides a basis for developing OSS/J TCKs and enables TCK developers to focus on developing functional tests and executes these exact same functional tests for all three OSS/J integration profiles (EJB, XML/JMS and web services). The TCK Foundation takes care of all the plumping required to bridge the three integration profiles.

The main improvements compared to the 0.9 version are:

  • Performance: Execution of the tests against the XML/JMS and web services profiles is 4 times faster and now just 12-20% slower than the executing the tests against the EJB profile.
  • The TCK Foundation itself performs more strict checking on messages being exchanged with an OSS/J API implementation.
The full release notes can be found here.

Currently the Order Management API and the OSS/J Fault Management API already use the TCK Foundation, but OSS/J API under development will also use this TCK Foundation. The new version of the Order Management TCK  (1.0.1) is already upgraded to use the 1.0 version of the TCK Foundation and will available from the Telemangement Forum website shortly.


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