A while back I blogged about OpenGTS and the masterplan was to use while riding the Eleven Cities Skating Tour. So winter came and went this year and unfortunately no serious freezing. We did have a couple of day with ice, but too little. Even the white Easter last week did not help. So this weekend I changed the skating blades for skeeler wheels and did my first skeeler trip and recording it using OpenGTS. I was a windy day so I expected to see significant speeds differences but the difference was only 5KM/Hour.

Below is the route, click on the pinpoints to see speeds, etc.
Skeeler route Woerden - Oudewater - Woerden


  1. Gero said...

    This looks really nice :) I think 5 km/h difference is quite significant. Did you trigger the measuring manually? I'm just asking because they are taken every minute or so, but not exactly :)
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  2. Gero said...

    The OpenDMTP client on the mobile let's you configure the interval at which it sends GPS info to the server. I had it set to 60 seconds, but also noticed that there are not exactly 60 seconds apart. Maybe it sends the first GPS fix it receives from the GPS after 60 seconds.

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