Favorite iPhone apps

Three months of iPhone usage and with the new 2.0 firmware coming out just over a week from now, it's good to look back and see what my favorite 3rd party apps are. My favorites are:

  1. Twinkle: Twitter client that allows you to include picture and location info in tweets.
  2. AutoMode: Put the iPhone to airplane mode at night and wakeup from airplane mode in the morning. Saves some battery and on the side gives you undisturbed nights.
  3. IntelliScreen: View your next appointments, SMSs, news headlines, etc. at a glimpse in the "Slide to unlock" screen.
  4. Finder: An OS X like finder to navigate the file system
  5. Terminal: Terminal clients that allows me to ssh into other machines remotely (already saved my a couple of times when I had no other way to ssh into my server to fix stuff)
  6. ParkingLot: Nice puzzle game to kill time
  7. ContraSense: Car racing game to show off the accelorometer
I wonder which of these apps will become available from the AppStore and if there will remain a market for  apps that can only be installed if you jailbreak the iPhone. I suspect there will remain such a market because some of the apps installed via the jailbreak path run in the background and that's a feature which is not allowed for apps in the AppStore.

What am I missing?
Number one missing feature for me is a ToDo list that is integrated with iCal on OS X. I've looked at a couple of other options but found nothing that integrates with iCal. The MobileToDo app was promising to do this, but they quit development and referred to OmniFocus as the app to use. However, you'd also need to buy the OmniFocus desktop app at $79 and buy the iPhone app separately (price unknown yet) and IMO that's way to much money for simple to do list requirements that I have. I'm hoping the guys behind MobileToDo will pick up the work again. I don't mind paying, but it should be in the $20 range for me.


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