iPhone firmware 2.0 has been out for a while (2.0.2 already) now. A while back I posted my favorite 1.0 firmware apps and now seems to be a good time to compare that favorites list with my 2.0 firmware favorites. Back in the 1.0 days all apps were jailbreak apps, but now it's a mix of jailbreak apps and 'official' apps from the Apple AppStore. All jailbreak apps are installed using Cydia (see iphone-dev team). Looking at the list you can see that most apps are from the AppStore, so the iPhone SDK makes it possible to create usefull apps.

  1. IntelliScreen (Cydia, commercial): Provides an overview of your upcoming appointments, sms-es, mails, etc on the "Slide to unlock" screen. Hands down my favorite app, having 1 click access to this overview is really convenient.
  2. EasyTask (AppStore, free): Manage your ToDo's and sync them with the EasyTask (and iCal) application on the Mac. The iPhone application is free, but the Mac apps is commercial (~$20). It's not the perfect app, but does the job. OmniFocus is an alternative, but both the iPhone and Mac app are commercial and you'll have to pay a bit more for that combination. By the way, why on earth doesn't Apple support this out of the box???
  3. Twinkle: (AppStore, free): Was already my favorite Twitter app in the 1.0 days and is now available through the AppStore. What I like about it is that you can see tweets of people in your area.
  4. WifiToggle (Cydia, free): Toggle Wifi connection on/off with one click.
  5. Dock (Cydia, free): An alternative way to navigate through all the apps installed and quickly start them. Especially easy if you have many apps installed and get tired of swiping through all springboard pages and reorganizing the apps on the pages. It does require some practice...
  6. NetNewsWire (AppStore, free): Nice RSS feed reader that syncs with NewsGator and NetNewsWire apps on Mac.
  7. Palringo (AppStore, free): Chat application that supports many protocols (AIM, Jabber, MSN, ....). Works really nice.
  8. Wikipanion (AppStore, free): Quick access to Wikipedia, easier than using the Safari browser.
  9. Remote (AppStore, free): Control iTunes on the Mac with you iPhone. Great fun!
  10. BuienRadar.nl (AppStore, free): Want to know where the rain is and if it's coming your way. This app shows you (only interesting for The Netherlands though). Used it during our lats holiday to find out that the only rainclouds in The Netherlands were right above us :-(
  11. Teletekst (AppStore, free): Access Dutch Teletekst in a convenient way.
  12. MobileTerminal (Cydia, free): Terminal apps that I typically use to log into my server @ home if I need to restart something (and there's no other way to log in). Don't use it often, but it did save me a couple of times.
And then there is a bunch of funny apps that do not really add that much value on top of the above ones, but it just fun to show off:
  • Twittervision (AppStore, free): Shows Twitter Tweets on worlmap as the occur in realtime. (and acts as a Twitter client.)
  • Labyrinth (AppStore, free): Move the ball through the labyrinth with dropping it in the holes (uses the accelorometer of course)
  • PhoneSaber (AppStore, free): Turns your iPhone into a light sabor... well sort off. It was pulled from the AppStore.


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