Earlier this year (see here and here) I made an integration between the JAlbum Chameleon skin and Google Maps. This would show an in-page Google Map for pictures that have GPS coordinates. Works really nice. Recently I wanted to create an RSS feed of my webalbums and notices that the latest JAlbum versions did support this. Nice, so I decided to upgrade JAlbum to version 8.1 and as part of that also had to tweak my enhancements to the Chameleon skin a bit.

If you're interested... you need to copy the following two files to the JAlbum/skins/Chameleon directory:

  • index.htt
  • slide.htt


You also have to set the following two user variables (Settings/Advanced/User Variables):
# The root where the webalbum will be hosted
# The location of the HTML page that displays the map and
# has the Google Maps code in it
# This location is bound to the Google Maps API key.


For a full description on what how to use the Google Maps - JAlbum integration refer to the earliers posts (here and here).

Now there was one dissapointment... the feed generated by JAlbum cannot be handled by Google Reader and NetNewsWire. Will try and tweak the JAlbum template that generates the feed such that it works correct and post the results here.


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