Boy would it be convenient if the airplane seats had a 220v outlet. I attempted to do some improvements on the JavaOne 2005 Schedule webapp but my batteries were empty before I knew it. The extra one I borrowed from the helpdesk specifically for this trip lasted 10 minutes... my original battery got me going a little longer. To kill some time I wrote this Blog entry using BlogME on my Treo.

I made two improvements to the JavaOne 2005 Schedule webapp. First, session that last longer than 1 hour are now spread over multiple rows (the start and end time were already correct in the generated vCalendar file). Second, when I imported the generated vCalendar file into Palm Desktop and then synced it to my Treo, I noticed that some crucial info (the location of a session, which is included in the vCalendar file) did not end up in the Treo. Palm Desktop and the Treo do not support the notion of a meeting location. That's not really handy when you're huuying to your next session. To overcome this, the session location is now prepended to the abstract of the session. This abstract is attachted to the meeting as a note and does end up in the Treo Calendar. After that I wanted to include the option to set alarms... but the screen went black...

In the plane I watched "Et Un Momento Dado", a movie about Johan Cruijff and the impact he had on Catelonia and Barcelona. Cruijff is the best dutch soccer player of all times and is in the same league as Pele and Maradona. Funny to see the impact a sportsman can make on so many people. Some even start crying when asked for their favorite Cruijff moment.

233 miles / 35 minutes to SFO.... almost there.


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