Thanks to Wilfred we (Wilfred, Marcel and me) were sitting first row during the first keynote session at JavaOne. One of more funny things was the celebration of the 10th birthday of Java. Most of the original Green team that created the first version of Java was present and was invited to come onto the stage. When James Gossling and Scott Mcneally invited the Green team, all people sitting next to us on the first row stood up and walked onto stage... now that was very tempting... what would have happened if we would have simply did what the rest of the row did?

During this first key note there were a couple of interesting announcements. One cool one was the fact that Solaris DTrace will now also work for Java applications. So if you ever wonder why your Java application is not performing, consider using DTrace. If will give you detailed insight into all the system calls you app is doing and using that you'll be able to identify the bottlenecks.

The interesting announcements on the enterprise level were the open sourcing of Sun's Application Server (Platform Edition) and Sun's JBI (JSR 208) implementation. Both can be found at The Studio Enterprise demonstration was interesting, it demo-ed how a service flow could be orchestrated graphically (not sure if the notation was BPMN) and generated a BPEL application of it. The BPEL implementation seemed to be FiveSight PXE since the console said "PXE start" when the application was deployed. Wonder if a BPEL engine will be included in the open sourced JBI implementation.


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